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Mm galleries

Studio art work by Omary Mugambo & Eugene Marais

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Newlywed Couple Posing Outdoors
Rustic Table Setting at Wedding Reception

About Mm Galleries

Welcome to MM Galleries

MM Galleries is a dynamic and vibrant platform dedicated to the celebration and exhibition of exceptional visual art. Founded with the vision of promoting the works of both established and emerging artists, MM Galleries takes pride in showcasing the captivating and thought-provoking creations of Omary Mugambo and Eugene Marais.

Work on paper

Newlywed Couple at Outdoor Rustic Wedding with Guests

Charley and Sam

Garden Wedding at Grover Wood

Woman in Dress at Beach

Mick and Mara

Beach Wedding at Rainbow Clove

Newlywed Couple Dancing

Perry and Kit

Elegant Wedding at Buckville Park


Couple Sitting on the Ground

Mel and Dan

A sporty day at the park

A Couple Kissing on a Country Road

Kev and Sari

A romantic garden date

A Romantic Couple Hugging in the Car

Andy and Isabel

A classy and elegant afternoon


Bride and Groom Posing for the Camera

Sandy and Dylan


Newlywed Couple with Bridal Bouquets Posing Outdoors

Carla and Bess


Newlywed Couple Walking in the Reception with Friends

Kyle and Billie

Reception Shots


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